Moving Day


Yes yesterday was moving day again and I felt like I was moving in slow motion. Everything seemed to take longer than it usually does. Even though I packed most everything the day before there are still things you can’t store until right before you leave. So instead of a 10:00 am we left at 11:00 am and then we still had to dump the tanks and check out of the park. That’s okay we were just glad to be on the road again!  Along the way to our favorite park we ran into slow moving traffic and road construction, glad that they have jobs and that we can afford to repair and improve our roadways. This just makes for a longer drive and we did see a lot of out of state plates yesterday. Guess they were heading home.

We love this site at Lake Louisa SP however we have learned that we have to remove the sway bars before we enter the campsite or we have a very hard time removing them. We have to use our leveling blocks to level the Kodiak and that causes issues of trying to get the bars off the one side. They are so tight and we have to loosen them to remove them. So now we remove them before we enter the site and we put them back on after we pull partly out of the site. This makes our life so much simpler and easier.

We got here between 3 and 3:30 and quickly set up so we could head into town for bread and some Subway. No, we didn’t have lunch so we had an early dinner and a late evening snack. Some of our travel days are like that and some are not but this keeps our lives very interesting for sure.

The off road motor cycles are moving in. The Polar Bear Run begins I believe today and goes till Sunday. We hope to get some good pictures and video of the people and their bikes.

Today we have a few errands and then back to camp to do a few chores and relax outside with the Lily this afternoon. Awe the Nomad Life we love it!

Happy 3rd of January hope everyone has an awesome day!



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