The New Year


Happy New Year!!!

Well 2019 has arrived and we are excited! When we began planning our full time RV Journey we had given ourselves till 2019 to be on the road and we were so very Blessed to have been able to do this in August of 2018. Looking back it feels like the time really flew by but the reality is at times it did move at a snails pace. However we never gave up and we never gave in and here we are living the dream that we dreamed at those campsites in Missouri so many years ago. Life has many roads for us to follow and not always are they easy. There are many curves, wrong turns and pot holes we must navigate through but with his grace we are able to succeed and full fill our dreams!

We want to thank everyone that is along for the journey and we hope that your 2019 is blessed with love,peace,and happiness. We hope it’s your best year EVER!!!!!!

Well I do make New Year’s Resolutions. However I do try to keep them in the doable range. There was a time I set unattainable goals for myself and then one year I realized I was my own worst enemy and everything changed. So my resolutions are the same as last year call my Mother daily(I don’t know how much longer I will be blessed to have her here), daily devotions,exercise(walking,biking or even dancing counts),loose some weight(again no set amount,even a pound counts), be happy(that can be the hard one) and be patient. Now that one is the one I just can’t seem to accomplish. I can see why it’s a virtue it’s so bloody hard to do!!! I’ve come to the conclusion that I could live to be a 102 and I still will not have learned patience. I am in awe of people who can sit for hours and fish. I am one of those people that casts their line in  and expects a fish to jump on it immediately  and when that doesn’t happen I loose interest. Like I’ve said before I have the patience of a gnat!

So this year starting after our yearly visit to Mike Roess Gold Head SP for 2 weeks and that includes Norm’s birthday we will be heading out of the state. This year we will be exploring 11 states and yes that does include Florida. We can’t wait to fill in  the map on the side of our Kodiak. We are very excited to visit family and friends in Missouri and to make new ones on our journey too. There are so many places to see and so many things to experience that a life time would not be long enough to go and see it all. We are going to give it our best shot though over the next 5-10-15-???? years!

I do believe that our future looks so bright that we may have to wear shades! Excited and Happy for 2019 and all the adventures we will have. But first I have to pack the Kodiak and walk the Lily and make breakfast. Oh well let the day begin.




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