Journey On


We did visit our storage locker and made the decision to not move the containers, which are very heavy and staked about 8 containers high with other stuff stacked on top of them. So I decided to not get my winter, spring and summer decorations. This coming year will be a Dollar Tree or me crafting holiday decorations. When we return in October we will organize our storage locker and then let the decorating fun begin. I’m looking forward to that.

Our Lily is having trouble sleeping at night do to the fact she can hear the wind,the acorns hitting the roof and so on. So when Lily’s awake so are we! We are hoping she sleeps tonight.

We had a good visit at Steph’s and we did get our new kitchen faucet. Yeah now just when are we going to have the time to install it! Today is a visit to Nikki’s and Monday the 31st we are going on a picnic and a hike. We saw another lake we would like to explore. Then BBQ and a campfire to see the New Year in. On the 1st  we pack and move again on the 2nd back to Gold Head SP to celebrate Norm’s birthday. We will be there for 2 weeks then it’s off to Georgia where the first part of our 2019 Journey begins as we leave our home state of Florida!

With that being said I kind of feel like the mist that is floating across this lake. The journey is part of the beauty of being a nomad and the mist is part of this beautiful Christmas morning. This is what makes life worth living. Taking a breather from our hectic life to stop and enjoy a simple pleasure. May all of you find a simple pleasure to enjoy today.


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