What A Day!


Did you ever have one of those days when you wonder just why you got out of bed?

My day seemed to be going so well then Mother Nature threw me a curve ball and my day went south after that. The wind was so strong I couldn’t seem to ride my bike up the biggest hill here in the park and I decided to get off my bike and walk up it. Well that would have been fine had I remembered I have to lay my bike down to get off it! I’m so short and there is a bar on my bike that makes it impossible for me to get on or off with out doing that. So I didn’t get it laid down far enough and the bike and I took a dive. I am bruised and sore but I am okay. Then later to add insult to injure my cap flew off and I had to get off my bike and go back and get it before continuing on. I was so over this bike ride I just headed back to camp and the pain relief medicine and my comfy chair!!!! Later we did do a Walmart run.

Talked to my mom and we had a good laugh over aging and how people react to it. Then we proceeded to find other interesting things to talk about. It was a good phone visit and I am grateful. I never know how many more I will be able to have with her.

I don’t know if you have heard of the country Acapella group Home Free. I enjoy listening to them on U-Tube. They do sing more than just country.  Their harmonies are so beautiful and I enjoy their videos too. So if you get a chance check them out.

I haven’t been crafting much during this holiday season but plan to return to that in the new year. I have been reading and doing puzzles and Jon did it to me again I have not figured this years puzzle out yet. I am going to conquer this one or at least give it my best try! Wish me luck.

Today we are off to the storage unit and to visit the kids. Looking forward to that a lot.

Guess I had better get going as Lily needs her walk and we are getting hungry for breakfast.

Only 2 more days to the New Year are you ready?




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