Thursday Norm and I went on a bike ride to Lake Louisa from our campsite in the Sand Hill campground. There are several hills to climb on our way there and back. My goal was to bike each hill and not walk my bike up them. I ride a single speed beach cruiser bike and it is hard to go up these hills. I pray a lot while I am out riding and today I made it up each hill. Now I did have to stop and rest a few times but I made it!!! That was such a Blessing for me and I am one happy camper!

Norm and I noticed yesterday was how many people were here riding their bikes. It made us wonder if maybe they were training for a 5 K ride or something else. Boy were they quick on those bikes! They can cover a lot of ground and they don’t even seem to even break a sweat! Then there are the people like us who are out there for pure pleasure and some easy exercise. What’s great is it can also be a family time. That is always nice seeing families out together enjoying Mother Nature.

The only concern we had was the vehicles that were diving through the park. There are speed limits posted but no one seems to heed them. Parks are places where there are animals, adults and children on the roads. They maybe walking, riding a bike or simply playing so everyone needs to be aware of this. We had cars whizzing past us as we rode our bikes yesterday and that is not  comfortable. It doesn’t take much for an accident to happen. So please slow down!

It was a beautiful and warm day here. A perfect day for hiking,biking or just sitting outside. Some people took kyaks out on the lake. We did have a stiff breeze here and they seemed to be feeling it out there with the lake water being so choppy. It’s nice to see our park’s being visited by people from all over the world. We hear a lot of different languages and accents and that makes life even more interesting.

Back at camp we took Lily for her walk and she made friends with a young Lady who is suppose to get a puppy for her birthday. She fell in love with Lily and I would have to say the feeling was mutual. Lily went looking for her later for more petting and hugs. Spoiled pup!!!

Today is bike ride number 2 and hopefully before the rain sets in. We want to bike up to Bear Lake. Usually you can get there by horseback. Yes they do offer horseback rides here in the park. We will see how well we do today.

Three Days to the New Year!

Happy Friday!








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