A Visiting We Will Go!!!


This week-end Norm and I will pay a visit to our storage unit for the last time this year. It sounds strange to say that. We will be returning to storage our Christmas clothes and decorations and picking up all the things we will need for our 2019 Journey.

A check list will be needed to make sure we don’t forget anything vital for the adventurers we are planning in the coming year. Considering we will not be back in Florida till mid October we had better not forget anything!

We have planned on Saturday to also visit Steph, Brad, Jon and the boys Mr. G. and Mr. E.  We will also get to meet the new member of their family Gwen the puppy that they got for Christmas and a chance to admire Jon’s new 21 speed bike. Hey I am good with a single speed myself. Any more than that and those hand brakes are killing me!

On Sunday we are planning a visit to Nikki, Jr., the girls and Moses and we will not only get to see Skye’s new bird cage but also their new home. I am sure that Mr. M. will show us his new toys too. We are looking forward to that.

Miss Lily will be going with us to meet the new puppy and to check out Nikki’s new home, good thing she likes to travel.

We are grateful we have our winter coats and the only one without a winter hat is Norm. He can’t seem to find one he likes. We’ll keep looking. We may need it in Georgia.

The kitchen faucet decided to wear out this week and we ordered a new one. So we hope to pick it up at Steph’s on Saturday. Then my electric oven decided it was going to give me fits last night while I was baking corn bread. It worked but I had to play with the dials and I am worried it may decide to quit on me too.

Our to do list gets longer each day and we have added another project to it, the kitchen faucet. Eventually we want to replace the bathroom faucet too. That list is never ending.

This year has been both challenging and emotional but it has also been one of the best years of our married life. We are so looking forward to the New Year we can’t seem to stop smiling.

Today we are going bike riding  and yes we are wearing shorts and sleeveless shirts. We are in the upper 70’s again. So we packed away our winter clothes and pulled out the summer ones. Florida’s weather just can’t make up it’s mind what it wants to do!

Hope everyone has a great Thursday. I had better get ready to take Miss Lily on her morning walk and I really need another cup of coffee.






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