The Day After!!!!!


Well it’s the day after Christmas and everyday living begins again and now we are on the count down to 2019.

Today is a chore day for us. Norm will empty the tanks and I have laundry and the packing of the Christmas decorations to do. My RV needs a thorough cleaning too. So today will be a busy day for us and I am sure for all of you too. We are seeing a mass exit of campers today.

Now if I could just find my other pair of ear buds for my phone that would be nice. I packed them somewhere and I can’t remember just where that is. I guess they went on vacation with the 2 coasters I put away the last time we packed to move. I still haven’t found them.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was a calm one. I believe that is a first ever for us. No rushing around,no worrying about everything being just right and so on before everyone shows up at your home or you rush off to someone else’s. It was quite pleasant. We took our coffee and went down and watched the fog roll across the lake and make it quite difficult to see the sun rise but it was still a beautiful beginning to our Christmas Day.

Our Campfire Christmas on Sunday the 23rd was everything we had hoped and dreamed of. Though we should have told everyone where the bath houses were just in case you needed them. It seems our RV bathroom is to small for some people and they feel uncomfortable in it.

Yesterday Norm did get another toy to add to his collection. He received a Drone from Santa and a promise if he can master this one he can have a small drone like the Wynn’s have. Then he can carry it around a lot easier than this one. I took some video of him trying to figure it out. I believe that  you can’t fly drones in Federal and State parks and most private parks too. So now we have to find a place he can fly it. That should be interesting!

Well I’ve started working on my New Year’s Resolutions list. So far I have 7 items on it and I’ll share them with you in the New Year.

It’s time for me to get my day started and I know for a fact I need another cup of coffee to do that so on my way to the coffee pot.

Here’s hoping that all of you have an awesome Wednesday!





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