Merry Christmas


Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas Day.

We started our day with a call to my Mother and a walk down to the dock to watch the sun rise. Of course we had coffee and cameras in hand. Saw a bunny and some birds on our way there. Last night we had a raccoon visit our campsite so Norm hurried and took the trash to the dumpster. He told me there were raccoons there too. Oh when I rode my bike yesterday around the campsites I saw buzzards trying to get into a box of food that some tent campers had left out on the table. You have to remember that animals and birds are always on the look out for an easy meal and they will invite all their family and friends to share it!!!

Soon we will take Lily for her walk and open our presents. Yes Santa Claus did find us! Then breakfast and maybe a bike ride or walk later. A very laid back Christmas! Of course Norm’s favorite radio station is on. They play Christmas music till mid-night.

My favorite Christmas song, Silent Night, is on and there are some singers that shouldn’t sing it EVER!!!!!!

Okay onward!

Loving every minute of seeing the pictures on social media of the wonderful Christmas memories being made.

Merry Christmas!



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