Happy Christmas Eve


We had a wonderful Campfire Christmas. Having our children and grandchildren here made it magical.

Watching Mr. G. finding a tree he could shake and get the leaves to fall off, Moses playing football and everyone trying to keep it out of the campfire and Ethan discovering all the little rocks and trying to put all of them on the tarp he was playing on. Then Skye riding my bike and almost going into the lake. She rode my bike to go escort everyone to our campsite. Lots of good conversations and lots of food being consumed. Don’t forget everyone enjoying Norm’s wassail. It was so great to see everyone enjoying themselves. Oh the S’more making was so much fun. That poor campfire was kept very busy eating marshmallows and Ethan’s dropped pickles. Family Time feeling so Blessed they were all able to come.

Present Time was fun too. Everyone had a great time doing that too. Jon enjoys giving us puzzles and games and we have a lot of fun trying to do the puzzles. Makayla and I were not doing so well with our puzzles. I will try this again today. I still can’t get that puzzle box put together he got me last year! The presents were great and “BOB” got 2 new RVs to use thanks to Nikki and Stephanie. He’s very excited about that!! A big thank you to everyone for the gifts but the best gift you gave us was just all of you being here.

Another beautiful day here in Florida and I guess it’s time to get out of my PJs and get dressed and go for a walk with Miss Lily.

Hope everyone has a Happy Christmas Eve.


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