Time Out


With all the rushing around for the holidays please take time for yourself.

Norm and I did this yesterday three times. We took a short bike ride, a walk with Lily and a walk down to the dock with our Sun Down cocktail and two glasses in a basket to watch the sun go down and get some pictures. Afterwards it was back to Christmas prep. That few minutes we were able to take made all the difference in our day.

We are looking forward to seeing our kids and grandchildren today. Of course poor Lily may not be as excited as we are.

I was thinking about snow. How snow always seems to make Christmas more magical. Our last Christmas in St. Louis we took a carriage ride through the park for the Christmas lights display and it started to snow. It was beautiful and magical and a special time for just Norm and I.

Our Christmas in Florida so far is cool and clear here this year  and we are very grateful for that.  A lot of campers around us have decorated for Christmas with lights and inflatables and wreaths. Though the Class C with the deer or moose on the back is something else. To each his or her own I guess.

A lot to do still for our Campfire Christmas and that will start soon with the making of the Wassail.

Let the fun begin.



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