Christmas Central


Welcome to our Kodiak’s Christmas Central!

Yesterday was a very busy day rushing around trying to get everything done for Sunday. Of course we did end up in a turn only lane a time or two and ended up turning around at the college once. Norm did get our wood for the campfire. He got the last 5 bags of wood so glad we stopped. We did see a rainbow when we dropped off the groceries and after our last run the moon was shining brightly. A beautiful sight!

Well no brie this Christmas. The store I was at was out of puff pastry and no brie and I was not going to fight the crowds at the other stores! Everywhere was so packed it reminded me of bees returning to the hive and all trying to get through the doorway at once!

Today as I bake and wrap gifts I will be thinking of all the Christmas’ past. The rushing around and all the fun and stress of trying to get everything done on time. So glad I have all these memories. All these memories are precious and we can’t wait to make a lot more of them.

Christmas music is on and coffee is in my cup and I am so grateful for all the blessings we have received. Happy and so content it scares me sometimes but that’s okay I’m just human and it’s allowed.

Hope all of you have a great Saturday, stay warm and dry and have an awesome day.

Merry Christmas!



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