Christmas Decorating


We’re packed and ready to move to Lake Louisa where we will decorate and get ready for our first Campfire Christmas.

Decorating for Christmas has been a challenge this year.  A lot of my Christmas decorations and serving dishes are still in our storage unit. We were suppose to stop there the other day and pick up what I needed but with all the rain coming in that day we decided not to. To get to the decorations we would have to move a lot of things out and we did not want anything to get soaked so we decided to just buy some decorations at the Dollar Tree. So I bought some gold and silver balls and some gold chenille stems and made some decorations out of Christmas cards. So I guess it’s safe to say my tree has a combination of old and new decorations on it. I have 2 trees this year. In the screen room will be my 2 foot tree and the 4 foot tree will be in the Kodiak. I will put out the Santa Village that Norm painted for me and the Santa,Sleigh and Reindeer he did. I also have some vintage Christmas decorations with us from Norm’s mom and my mom. So finally it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in our Kodiak. Bring on the wassail and let the fun begin!

Hope everyone is having an awesome time getting ready for the holiday season.

Happy Wednesday.


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