Lily likes being a Nomad. She has a lot of new places to explore and a lot of new things to sniff. On some of her walks it’s like she is on patrol others are very slow with a lot of sniffing of every twig,branch and pole! Then there are the days she is making friends with everyone we meet. We think she likes those days best. Do to the temperatures dropping she’s had to wear one of her coats so she stays toasty warm on her daily walks. We had her groomed last week and she is no longer a puff ball! Lily wasn’t happy with us over that. As we move out of the state in January we will have to find her new groomers. Not a task we are looking forward too.

When the RV Mobile Techs were here working on the slide they became her friends and she watched them work from the comfort of the theater seating. Every now and again she’d bark and remind them she was there watching them work.

Today is pack day for us and tomorrow we move on and Lily will be under foot all the time. It bothers her when we start moving things around. She’s fine once she’s in the truck but she’s not real happy that she has to share the back seat with some of the Christmas decorations.

Today I need to make my Christmas grocery list. Thursday is my grocery and errand day before our Campfire Christmas on Sunday. We are very excited about having our family come out and enjoy our campsite and the park with us.

So I had better get started packing and getting ready to  move Christmas is not that far away now.

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday.


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