Those Were The Days


Ever have a day or week that makes you wish for the old days? The days where life seemed so easy but you never noticed because you were to young and just wanted to GROW UP! Well I’ve had plenty of those recently. Those were the days when I only had to worry about feeding the dogs and making good grades in school. How easy that all seems now but then it felt like the hardest job I ever had! Then I grew up and now there are days I keep saying to myself There but for the Grace of God go I. Today was one of those days I love my 96 year old Mother dearly but there are days when she just refuses to hear a word we say and repeats herself over and over and then gets mad when you try to help her or change the subject. I understand she is angry that she can’t do all the things she use to do. I understand that she is upset with what is going on. I just can’t help her deal with any of it if I can’t get a word in edgewise. She wouldn’t even listen to Norm today and that is unusual for her. So hopefully she will let my uncle help her today.

Yesterday I had to redo some cabinets and decided my wine racks had to go. They are decorative ones that I thought would work great in my cabinets but didn’t so now I am back to using a box till I can come up with another solution for carrying my wine.

I have a few things to finish up today and I hope that I can get a walk in. I didn’t dare leave the RV yesterday do to my Sinus making me so dizzy. Feeling much better today.

Those were the days when life was simple and sweet. These are the days when life is busy and complicated. However I wouldn’t change them for without the other days we wouldn’t be where we are today. I love being on the road with Norm and doing and seeing things we only ever dreamed of so long ago by a campfire.

Hope your Monday goes great and that you get all your shopping and baking done for Christmas Eve is only a week away!



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