Aging is a state of mind they say! Also you’re as young as you feel!  Well if that is true then today I am a 120 years old! My sinus and vertigo are going crazy.  Norm on the other hand in this picture was feeling his inner teenager. We had a lot of fun at the Science Center that day.

My mom (96 years young) was telling me about my uncle who is only in his 70’s and how old he thinks he is. She can’t understand this since when she was his age she was visiting the pyramids and taking a ride on a camel. When I talk about how the younger generation is so worried about wrinkles and so on, she just laughs. To her the wrinkles show that you have lived a full life.  Aging can make for a very interesting conversation.

Well today even though it’s Sunday I have to finish the chores I started yesterday. So it’s a busy day for me. Norm is going to do some video work. We are also planning to do some filming tomorrow. Should be fun!

When I was decorating the Kodiak for Christmas I put out a horse drawn sleigh  that Norm painted in the 1980’s. It was one of the first pieces he painted and he was surprised to see it. It does go well with my Santa Village.

Hoping to BBQ some pork steaks for dinner tonight. I think I’ll make some of Miss Kay’s potato salad to go with it.

Time to take Miss Lily for her walk.

Hope everyone has a peaceful Sunday.





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