Taking No Chances!


Bob decided to pay Mr. and Mrs. Claus a visit. He wasn’t taking any chances that his Christmas list might not get there in time.

This gourd with the Santa and the Missus in it was my Mothers. It is quite old and one of Norm’s favorite Christmas decorations so we definitely display it every year.

Today is a clean and finish decorating the Kodiak. We didn’t visit the storage locker yesterday do to the rain so I purchased some ornaments for my 4 foot tree at the Dollar Tree. So today I can finish the tree and put out my North Pole Village that Norm painted for me several years ago. I can’t wait to see how it looks.

I also have to put together a shopping list for the food items I plan to make for our Campfire Christmas. Yes a Brie is on there and Wassil too. Norm and I will be busy as bees (or is that beavers) on the 23rd getting ready for our family to visit us. We are very excited and can hardly wait! Our first Christmas as Nomads is very exciting for us. Hope all your plans for the Christmas Season  are coming together for you too.

We traveled mostly in the pouring rain yesterday and well into the evening. It was a pleasure to see the Christmas decorations that people have put out this year. Lovely!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday.


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