Laundry! Again!



Okay what is it with the Laundry and Me!!!! It seems every time I go to do the laundry the washer won’t work or the dryer and then I have to go somewhere else to get it done!

Yesterday after we got back I went up to start the laundry and everything was going great until I put said laundry in the dryer and I couldn’t get the dryer to accept my coins. We called the park office and they sent someone to check the dryer. The conclusion was that the coin holder was full and that was why it wouldn’t accept my coins. The park doesn’t take care of the washer/dryers an outside association does. So they would have to call and have them come out and empty the machine. Thank heaven there is another set of laundry equipment in the park. It’s over in one of the other camping areas. So we took our wet clothes and the rest of the laundry over there. So our laundry is done Hallelujah! I believe out of all our chores the hardest one to do is our laundry.

Today it’s raining so I called off the storage locker visit and I will pick up a few ornaments at the Dollar Tree or Walmart.  I forgot one container at the locker but we have to move so much stuff out to get to it that I just decided it would be easier this way.  At the very least this will make me reorganize that locker before we leave the state in January! Trying to be positive here.

Do to the rain Miss Lily is refusing to go out and we have to leave soon for Debary, Orange City and Sanford Florida today. Another day of errands. Lily is going to the dreaded groomers. They love her there.

Yesterday I did bake my first batch of Christmas cookies. I am taking some to the groomers. We are looking forward to our Campfire Christmas this year.

Hope everyone has an awesome Friday.




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