Our kitchen slide-out is fixed after 39 days of stress about it not closing or opening or being uneven when it did open. That stress is now gone. We are so grateful to our Clay County Mobile RV Techs. They were diligent in finding out how to repair our slide and they were very professional. What a Blessing to have this slide fixed.

Let’s talk about Why the slide did this. What we were told our slide-out wasn’t right when it came out of the factory. Both sets of rails on each end of the slide need to be identically placed on the slide and they weren’t. They were off by 3/16th of an inch but in the RV world that is HUGH! So the two motors that are suppose to work together were having issues. This design for our slide isn’t the best one for it as it has a lot of weight to move like the refrigerator, stove and cabinets. We’ve heard they are now using 3 tracks on each side where ours only has the two. The techs had to get the slide even in the space and then get the tracks lined up identical on both sides and then sync the two motors so they can work together to open and close our slides.

If we were looking at a new RV we would be sure to ask what kind of system they are using to open and close the slide outs. The things we would bring with us are a tape measure,a small level, and a small square.Then you can measure the cabinets check to see how level everything is and a square to make sure the walls are square to the cabinets. From what we’ve learned from our Kodiak is to check the ceiling vents can you remove the screens from inside to clean or do you have to climb on the roof to do this chore. Also we would have a predetermined check list to go over as we viewed the RV.

So  with all that said we still love our Kodiak and I am quite happy to call her home!

So today is an errand day. We will be traveling between 3 towns to get everything accomplished. That’s the fun of being a Nomad you get to experience small town and city life all in a manner of hours. Of course we are always happy to get back home!

I guess I had better get this done so we can walk our Lily, eat and empty our tanks before we leave.

Hoping all of you have a great Wednesday.


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