Hurry Up and Wait!!!


It seems more and more companies are giving you the we’ll be there sometime today time frame when they are coming to do repairs or deliver goods. That’s great for them but not for the people who are doing the waiting. It also doesn’t help that I have the patience of a gnat!

Doesn’t it always seems to happen that the days they are suppose to come are the days it would be perfect to go for a hike or go do something fun. But oh no you’re stuck home waiting and waiting because you really need the things they are delivering or in our case you need the slide repaired!

Oh well that’s life and I know we should be grateful to be getting it repaired. It’s just when will it get done and how long will it take and how much will it cost.

Well they came and once again the guy ordered the wrong rails and the techs went and had a metal fabricator here in town cut them down to size and put then they put  them on. It is not the Techs fault that these slide motors and rails are such a pain! This system has been designed so poorly that it just isn’t the best system for our kitchen slide out.  Our slide was off 2 inches( the rails we believe) from the other slide and they had to try and correct that too. So the slide did not get fixed and they will be back today to try and finish it. I am praying that they can and that it is not something else causing the problems.

So this morning I have to call our groomers and try to get Lily in tomorrow. That shouldn’t be a problem. Her groomers are awesome! So yes our plans changed again. We were just going to go on about our day but then we decided that we needed to be here. So here we are.

Praying all goes well today.

Thanks for reading my rant and I hope you all have a blessed day.


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