A Change of Plans


As often happens in our day to day life plans have to be changed or at least revised to fit the situation at hand. As with our slide we have had to revise the getting it fixed dates do to the wrong parts coming in and where we were staying. Today they are to come and finish the repairs that they began several weeks ago. We are very excited to get this done.

Then there are are park stays. We were suppose to be in Florida till February and that changed do to Hurricane Michael that devastated so many of our Florida parks. We were blessed that we are able to get into several state and private parks in Georgia. So we are moving in mid January instead of February as planned.

Our day to day plans change often too. Sometimes it’s the weather or it can be our health or the drive time to and from our destination. That’s when we sit down with the calendar and decide what  all we can accomplish in one day at a certain location. Like Orange City we can get Lily groomed, do some banking,make a Walmart run and visit our daughter to name a few.  So a little planning goes a long way.

So in our lives a calendar is a must and so is our phones and computers. Hey the cameras are a big part of our lives too. I try to journal everyday to keep me on track and devotions are a must but plans do change and when they do we do our best to adjust. We try to always be grateful because there maybe a very good reason we were not meant to do that today or stay at certain areas. We may never know the  reasons for the things that change our plans but that’s okay. Usually the new plans work out better for us.

So as our plans change and are revised we will smile shake, our heads and  keep Journeying On!




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