We have most of our bills on auto pay. This is normally a great thing but for some reason our insurance keeps messing it up. Then I get the e-mails and Norm has to call them. We think it’s fixed and once again I get e-mails. Then he calls them again. Then I get a message saying your bill is paid and a few hours later another message saying it hasn’t been paid. Such a frustrating time each month. Hopefully this gets fixed soon. I have my doubts about that but we shall wait and see.

The tractor and engine show was interesting and we saw some very neat old engines and tractors. I did get to see some John Deere ones and a Ford tractor too. The people were very happy to share what they knew about their engines and tractors. We had a good time and it was a warm and pleasant day. AT the concession stand they offered ham with beans and corn bread I had that and Norm had the hot dog meal. The food was good. Then we walked back to camp. Though we did take a side trip to our favorite pavilion and then we decided to walk along the beach and it was an even better walk when we heard the wind in the pines. Perfect ending for our mornings jaunt. Back at camp we walked the Lily and set outside and people watched for our afternoon’s entertainment.

Our Saturday was fun and then the rain came in over night and we are suppose to have rain all day today. I feel for all the people packing and going home today. It will be a very wet adventurer for them.

Today is a music (Christmas of course) kind of day. Odds and ends to do here in the Kodiak as we get ready for the techs to come tomorrow and fix our slide.

Well I believe the rain may have taken a breather and we need to get the Lily out. Hoping everyone has a great Sunday.




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  1. Nothing is as frustrating as a customer service repeating the same mistake over and over, especially with YOUR money. /hope they have it sorted out for you now.


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