Norm and I enjoy being in nature and we get very excited when we see or even hear the wildlife around us.

At Colt Creek it was the Coyotes at night. Yes it was a spine tingling experience but one we will always remember. Once you hear them you will never forget that sound!

Some of the animals we have seen are  wild hogs, a bobcat, a grey fox, monkeys(Silver Springs SP), an otter that crossed the road in front of us on our way to Gold Head Branch SP, alligators, and lots of deer and squirrels. Of course there are also a lot of birds.

We’ve had a woodpecker that came to visit us everyday and called very loudly to let you know he was there.  Then there have  been the hawks that come by and let you know they are there and lots of crows. They always seem to know when you are planning to take out the trash. We’ve had plenty of arguments with them to leave the trash bag alone so we can take it to the dumpster. They pretty much ignore you! Of course there were the flocks of turkey hens that roamed by. Lily pretty much ignores them but that squirrel that came into camp every day bothered her a lot as do the cats we often see in the parks. She also lets the other dogs know that this her campsite and to stay off it!

Then there are the ANTS for awhile Norm had an ongoing war with them over his Sweet Tea. He gave up using sugar and went to sweetener to stop them from invading his tea glass. It was so bad he actually drank one. Survivor Man he is not!!!!

Lily hates to see armadillos. She just goes off barking and trying to get to them. Deer no problem even bunnies but let her see an armadillo and she wants to just get it. Short leash time if we know they are in camp!

We are always hoping to see some more of the native wildlife. It makes our camping adventures more interesting and fun. However trying to get pictures of said wildlife is an on going challenge. It sure keeps us on our toes.

We are hoping the RV Mobile Techs come today and fix our kitchen slide out. I really want to get my Christmas decorating done. I brought in a couple of Christmas storage  containers and in a small space they take up a lot of room. Yep they are in the way! So hoping today to put up the tree.

Our campfire last night was warm and inviting but the coffee and conversation was the best part of the evening.







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