A Campfire Christmas


This year Norm and I have decided to have a Campfire Christmas. Norm has wanted to do this since we decided to become full-time nomads. We suggested this to our family and to have it on the Sunday before Christmas and they agreed that it sounded like fun.

So our Campfire Christmas will take a little more planning than I usually do for Christmas. My decorations will be simple this year as we down sized big time. What I still have  I left a lot of it in our storage locker. So this year will be a decorated tree in the Kodiak and a small decorated tree in the screen room. The decorated gourd that my Mom gave Norm and the St. Nicholas that came from her too. I have to wait to see exactly what I have in the containers to know just what decorations I brought home with me. That should be fun. I put the outside Christmas tablecloth on the table and then realized that the RV repairmen will put their stuff there. Oh well it can be wiped off so no big deal. I want a live poinsettia for the table out there. I will put out my Christmas yard flags today too. Norm put up our lighted garland and the Frosty Snowman inflatable yesterday. It looks quite festive. He did an awesome job.

Food this year will be simple and fun I think. Mostly finger foods and hot and cold beverages. Wassail of course will be on the drink menu! So a World Market run is in store for us next week. Still have menu planning to do. Fun!!!

We had a beautiful day to travel yesterday. The fun thing about traveling is you never know just what you are going to see a long the way. We had an Otter run across the road in front of us and someone had put a large Big Foot cut out in their yard. So seeing that made our trip quite interesting.

Our travel conversations are interesting too. We talk about a lot of different things from laundry to land prices and even the weather. Then there are the miles where we are content to listen to the music and just enjoy being together.

Here’s hoping our slide gets fixed today. That would be such a blessing. Then we can concentrate on everything else we want to do.

There’s a tractor show here in the park this weekend and we plan to attend. Sounds interesting and fun. Old and new tractors. I really would enjoy seeing an old John Deere tractor!

Wishing all of you a wonderful day.





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