Gold Head SP Here We Come!


I was looking through my pictures on my phone and found this one of Bob. I don’t know why Bob was in Lily’s dish in a basket of dishes and things. I can only imagine that I was sorting out my kitchen cabinets. That Bob decided that Lily’s dish was a good place to sit a spell and since the basket was on the counter he was safe from Lily! He just makes me shake my head and wonder what he’ll think of next.

Today is moving day and it should be interesting to see if we can close our kitchen slide with out a lot of pushing and pulling on Norm’s part. Gold Head SP here we come! Did we happen to mention that it is one of our most FAVORITE parks here in Florida?

Yesterday on our hike along the River Trail we met this lovely couple from England. We visited awhile and she said,” We traveled across the Atlantic Ocean and met people just like us.” Norm and I have to agree with her. Wishing her and her husband safe travels.

The next 2 weeks will include a groomer visit for Miss Lily, getting my blood work done and we all know how I hate needles, having our slide out fixed,making a menu for the holidays and decorating the Kodiak. I can’t forget we are going to be doing some videos too. So should be a busy but  interesting week. We will take time to bike,hike,relax and just have some fun too.

Hope all of you have a good day.




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