Today is another rainy Monday. A good day to be inside or be a marine animal.

I have a few projects I want to do today. As you know I’ve had an on going battle with my storage. Somethings work and somethings don’t. It’s an on going struggle to find the right storage solutions that will work long term for us. I will succeed in this I am determined about that.

Well on another note we put out episode 6 yesterday on U-Tube. Norm’s sense of humor is evident in this video. I know we all like to think we have a sense of humor and for the most part we do. However there are those rare individuals who find humor in almost everything life has to offer them. Norm is one of these individuals. I remember many campfires when the kids were younger he would be telling them the story of the Meramec Beast. So when we watched the Survivor Man series (an awesome series) and he went looking for Big Foot (our favorite  of this series) I knew Norm would add Big Foot sightings to one or more of our videos.  We neither believe or disbelieve on the subject of Big Foot. We believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion on this subject matter. So being married to a man with a serious sense of humor for over 40 years is a challenge but I wouldn’t have him any other way.

Well our slide is still not repaired but the parts did come in and our RV techs will be putting them on when we get to Gold Head SP later this week.

Norm’s leg is better but he’s still using his cane somewhat do to all the hickory nuts on the ground that are covered by the leaves. Not  easy to walk on and the cane helps to keep him upright.

This park we visited in 2014 and we stayed in the upper campground we were not happy there but this campground is much nicer. We have already picked out two campsites we think would be good ones for us in the future. We have found that you have to be flexible when you are booking your campsites eleven months out. A lot of the campgrounds are already full here in Florida.

I need to make a wine run to World Market and stock up again. With the holidays fast approaching I want to lay in some wine,sparkling grape juice and apple cider. It’s time to make my Menu for the 23rd it’s for our Family Christmas and for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day too. Oh I can’t forget New Year’s Eve and New Years Day. A lot of holidays in a row and we are looking forward to all of them.

Here’s hoping everyone has a pleasant Monday.




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