It’s Raining It’s Pouring


I don’t know if the old man was snoring though!

We left the K O A in the rain. We were blessed that we didn’t have to hitch in the rain. It started raining as we were emptying our waste tanks. Then it rained all the way here. It continued to pour as we parked and set up our campsite. We were drenched by the time we had finished. I had to hold a flashlight for Norm to be able to see me and where the campsite entrance was. We had a line of traffic stopped while we maneuvered our Kodiak into our campsite. Guess we put on quite a show!  Oh well we are here for 4 days then it’s back to Gold Head State Park and getting our slide repaired. Then I can finally decorate for Christmas! Can’t wait!!!!!!!

When Norm took Miss Lily for a walk later he saw a couple of deer. So we are hoping to see more wildlife here. At the K O A there wasn’t much to see. Though they did have turtles.

Well today is  December 2nd and Marge I hope you have an awesome birthday. I am looking forward to seeing you in 2019.

It’s Sunday and we are going to have a relaxing day we hope. Norm went out and tightened our Scissor Jacks just to make sure they were still tight. I have a few odds and ends I may do today then again maybe not. A good day to drink a cup of coffee and read a good book.

So after a challenging start to our O’Leno stay we are hoping that Tuesday we can do a hike or two. We also found 2 other campsites here that we like and that we may try on our next visit.

Well I can say that all this rain sure has made us appreciate the sunny days we had and hope to see again soon.






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