Time Passes


Bob watching the clock will not make time fly any faster! I know you and Lily didn’t enjoy being at the house while we cleaned. Oh well that’s Life!!!

We’ve been on the road now for 98 days and Bob has enjoyed the journey so far. He hasn’t been in to much mischief but I expect that may change this month. He’s been hanging out with Chatty Cathy and bugging the Lily but so far he’s not been to annoying. We’ll see what happens when he gets bored. We’re suppose to have a few rainy days and that may lead to Bob being Bob!

Bob has looked all over the Kodiak for the clock that chimes. We told him that Alysa has it and he’s okay with that as long as he can visit the clock once in awhile. Look out Alysa Bob wants to visit you!

We’re heading out today and Bob is not happy that it’s raining and he can’t play in  the puddles. But he’s okay with the traveling he likes to ride in the truck. We just make sure he can’t bug the Lily or a short drive will seem like  a very long one.

Not looking forward to hitching in the rain but that’s life as they say. Only wish Bob could do it for us.



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