Isn’t it wonderful that memories are personal and also portable. We can choose to remember the good, the bad, the sad or the happy times in our life. Some memories we cherish more than others and that’s okay. I have a lot of those kind of memories. the other day as I looked through my photo gallery on my phone I let the memories flow. Every photo was a memory that I am grateful I was able to capture.

Norm has scanned our 4,000 plus photos onto a disc and I am grateful we are able to see all those pictures and relive a lot of wonderful moments through them.

Memories of us being young and thinking we had the world by the tail on a down hill swing as my Grandparents would say. Then there’s the memories of our young family and realizing just how much responsibility it was to raise them. Oh the joys of parenting! Then they grow up and move on to the next phase of their lives. Oh the memories how they linger.

Memories of friends and family that will live forever in our hearts and minds. So yes I am so very glad that memories are personal and portable. No two people remember the same thing the same way and that’s okay too. Memories are precious no matter how you remember them.

As life moves on it is up to us to keep our memories of people we love, places we adore, and things we thought were unique alive.

Memories how they linger. I am grateful they do.


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