Moving Day’s Aches and Pains


Yes Norm and I love traveling! Moving our Kodiak to new locations is a fun experience usually. However there can be some aches and pains that go along with the move. Such as leg aches, back aches, behind aches or your feet and hands going numb. You know the normal stuff. A lot of the problem is sitting for a long period of time in a small confined space. We normally try to take a break every hour so all 3 of us can get out stretch and walk around or use the facilities. Of course this increases our drive time but that is okay.

You  may ask why I don’t drive the truck with the trailer so Norm can take a break. There is a very good reason I don’t, actually several reasons. Norm can’t sit in the passenger seat more that 20 to 30 minutes or his back and leg really start to hurt him. Second reason I haven’t driven this truck yet. I do plan to try her out at Gold Head State Park this time and eventually I will drive her hitched to the Kodiak. I do pity our rigs that day as I will probably stress out and have an anxiety attack. That said I can drive if I need to just as I can hitch her or anything else we need me to do. It’s just easier now for Norm to do it and he enjoys driving our rig. Of course we do have Junior, our son-n-law, as a back up if we need him to come and move our rigs for us.

We do enjoy our travels and do all that we can to make it as comfortable as possible. We stop often,bring snacks,drinks and Lily treats with us so we can continue to Journey On.



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