Container Storage


Storage solutions are not always easy to find. I know we have tried many different containers over the years. We have containers that we use in our storage unit and a different set of containers for our truck and trailer.

We found these Husky 25 gallon containers at Home Depot right after we had the truck cap and slide out tray installed. We like these containers they come in various sizes and they have lids that latch down. They hold a lot of STUFF and fit great in our truck. We use the truck as our storage bay. However every time we go to purchase these containers we can never find the lids and we always have to ask for help! When we ask about the lid issue they told us that a lot of people when they purchase a container take the wrong lid with them or some of the lids are broken when they receive them from the manufacturer and they discard the lid but put out the containers anyway. Who Knew right that buying a storage container would be so time consuming.

We all know how precious storage is. Especially in a small environment and these containers are wonderful. They make storing things so much easier for us. We mark each container so we know what is in it at a glance and we can just pull the ones we need. This makes storing extra clothes,shoes,linens,craft supplies and many other items in the truck so easy.

I am very pleased with our purchase of these containers and only wish I had room for more of them.



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