What a Monday this has been!

First our RV techs show up to fix our slide out and they find that they have the wrong parts. Our tech calls the parts person and lets him have it about that. So they sent us parts for our other slide not the kitchen one and we found out they wouldn’t have worked for our other slide either. We have a different system on it. The motor was the correct one so he did install that. Then they forced our slide back open. The parts took almost 12 days to get here the last time, wonder how long these will take. Hope before we move December 1st!!!

Then I went to do laundry  all went well till I went back to put it in  the dryer and met a person who thought he should tell me to take my WET laundry to the other laundry clear across the RV park to dry them! I informed him that when I started my laundry here there was a dryer free. All I ask was how long he was drying his clothes since I planned to dry mine for 40 minutes. He then tried to explain how the 8 minutes per 25 cents worked, like I can’t add or multiply. Hello, I believe you’re the one that should return to school! Let’s just say I was not happy. I went back to camp talked to Norm and headed back up there. By then the other dryer was done and the nice gentleman was there and all went well then. Well until later when my washing machine didn’t drain and I had to go to the office and report it and they gave me my money back and I had to put my load in another machine. All worked out and I did get my laundry done. So ended my Laundry Experience at the KOA!

What a day it has been then I got back to camp and was able to sit outside with Norm and Lily. We people watched,listened to the train whistles in the distance and drink a much needed cup of coffee.

So far it was a fairly good Monday and then Norm’s leg decided to bother him and that’s a post all by itself.




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