Everyone has fears of some kind. Norm and I are no different. Some of our fears have come true recently but we found ways to deal with them.

We had the fear of our slide outs not opening or closing and that happened. We were able to find a mobile RV tech to come and help close it and another who will come today and fix the problem. Believe me their contact numbers are in my book now!

At our last park we had a person show up believing that our campsite was his. This is the 2nd time someone has shown up and either told us we weren’t suppose to be there or that the site was theirs. Norm always doubles and triple checks our reservations to prevent this from happening. He makes sure of these things and that keeps this fear at bay.

My greatest fear is calling my mom and not getting an answer. That’s when the what ifs invade your mind. She’s 96 and lives alone so yes the fear is very real. I pray a lot that is the only way I can get a grip on this fear.

Of course all of us have fears maybe it’s about your job,health,children and grandchildren and each one of us has a different way of dealing with them. I try to find time each day to have my devotions. This helps keep me centered.

So yes Fear is a part of our everyday life. We do our very best to not let fear rule us or stop us from doing the things we enjoy doing. There is so much out there to see and do that we just can’t let these fears slow us down.


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