Slide In! Slide Out!


Today is moving day and though we have a few things to store away  our biggest concern is will the slide come in all the way. If it doesn’t or we have a major ordeal with it our RV tech said he’d come help us get it in.

When we arrive at our destination the K O A campground our worry will be will the slide go out! So as you can see there will be some stress on this moving day. We are grateful it’s only about a 40 minute drive from here.

The parts for our Kodiak’s slide out did come in and our tech will be coming out this week to fix it. That will be such a blessing!

Yes it is cold here where we are. We are in the 30’s and earlier this year we were in the 20’s. So yes our weather can get COLD! We will be glad to get our coats when we go to Steph’s for lunch on Friday. Lily has her coats with her. She has them for different weather conditions. Bob doesn’t have a coat.

On a brighter note there is a church group camping here and a lot of other families too. We’ve met and seen people here from Indiana, Ontario and Montana. We take our Lily for walks just to check out the license plates to see where everyone is from. Yes we are Nosy! Oh we did meet a family that has a Gypsy Wagon tiny house. She redid it herself and it is so adorable. Our Lily was a hit with their family. She didn’t want to leave even to finish her walk and Lily loves her walks.

Hoping everyone has a wonderful week-end and a great Thanksgiving week.


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