Refrigerators and Freezers


Food shopping and food storage are  major concerns when you live in a small space. We have an 8 cubic foot refrigerator with a small freezer on top so I can’t store a lot of food in either of these. That is not a lot of storage so you really have to plan ahead what you are going to buy.

I love to take advantage of bulk saving in the meat department but now that is a No! No! I still manage to get a lot of frozen goods in there though. You just have to be very creative in the packaging of these items. I take things like waffles or White Castle burgers out of their boxes and any bulk goods like chicken pieces I package in freezer bags. I try to do meal size portions. To have ice for drinks I freeze water in a small freezer bag and just use my mallet to break off  however much I need. Be sure to wrap the bag in a towel before you do this or the kitchen may end up covered in ice shards.

The pitfalls of the small freezer is no where to put my ice cream maker’s insert or to have a lot of freezer meals handy. So to solve this problem we are planning in January to purchase a Dometic freezer to go in our bay under the Kodiak. I can’t wait!

The refrigerator is much the same as the freezer. I am able to store quite a bit in there but I do have to do a weekly run for milk,eggs,bread and fresh fruit and veggies. A lot of that is fruit and veggies just don’t seem to last long anymore and because of that I have to buy in smaller quantities. Bread is the same way.

Our pantries are great and I can store a  lot more in them. So I can stock up on a few items such as soups and pastas and keep them on hand for quick meals.

After we move tomorrow I will do a provision run again and restock the pantries, fridge and freezer.

Then I can sit back and relax.



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