Never Assume Anything!!!!


Never assume anything is a good thing to remember when you are planning your camping trip!

No matter if your are staying at a federal, private or state park always ask what their camp sites offer you. Especially if you are on a Tent Only site.

Most reservations, now days, are made on-line. So please be sure to read the description of what each site has to offer and even look at pictures if they have them. If you are calling into reserve a site or sites be sure again to ask what is offered on each site.

In some parks there are Tent Only sites that offer no electric only water. We have seen people show up to these sites with a refrigerator,crock pot and fans only to find they have no way of using them. Remember that putting an extension cord across the road is dangerous and not allowed in the parks. What if it would have a short in it people are walking, kids are biking or playing and people drive on these roads all day long everyday and night. So Please Safety First!

With that being said we hope you will get out and enjoy our parks. It is a great place to come and unwind. A little pre-planning  goes a long way towards an awesome camping adventure.


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