A Very Good Day!


Parking our home in beautiful places is wonderful. However we have to remind ourselves that we don’t have to do everything in just a day or two. We have time now to watch the sunrise or a beautiful sunset, bike ride, hike or just stay at home and relax like we have been doing here. There is no rush to get it done anymore.

There are days when you do feel a little rushed doctor’s appointments and other important engagements you have agreed to. Overall though we can plan our chore days and they can be short so we have plenty of time to enjoy our surroundings.

That said, this past Saturday we went to the Flea Market here. We’ve been wanting to do that for several years and there just never seemed to be enough time to go there. this flea market seemed to be a cross between the one in Pevely, Mo. and the one here in Daytona Beach. It was fun to walk around and I did find some pans that will work great in my electric oven.

We stopped at I-hop for lunch. There was two reasons for that stop. One we were hungry and two we needed the WiFi. So while our video uploaded Norm and I had lunch. We chose the omelets. Mine was full of veggies and Norm’s was a Bacon lovers dream. Of course coffee was a must for me. On our journey we have found that our biggest challenge so far is up-loading our videos.

After our wonderful lunch we came back home and walked our Lily then spent the rest of the day people watching.

When it got chilly we brought out our afghans. We weren’t ready to call it a day yet. Later we headed in and we decided it had been a very good day indeed.



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