Sunday at Home


Our fireplace is on but not in heat mode as our little heater is keeping us warm. It’s 52 degrees here so it’s a little chilly inside our Kodiak.

Norm is uploading our new About Us video. We decided to do an updated version as the original version is a few years old now and things have changed a lot in our lives.

Looks like it will be a pretty day here. The kids are already out riding on their bikes. Not to noisy yet but just wait till later!

Today we don’t have anything planned to do. Just relax here at camp and people watch. of course we do have to walk Miss Lilly but she gives us the chance to see who is leaving and who is moving in.

Peoples are sure interesting to watch. Most don’t realize that sound travels further out here. One of our neighbors was on her phone and I could hear the whole conversation. It was like she was setting right next to me. Then my phone rang and I realized I was guilty of the same and turned my phone down quickly. Whew!

So this was suppose to be a relaxing Sunday at home. Well it was before lunch and then a man showed up at our door wanting to know if we were leaving soon as the park had given him our site. Norm told him NO we are here till the 17th. He even ask if we were paid up to that time and Norm told him yes and we are. Norm is real careful about our camping stays and makes sure everything is as it should be. He even double checked and we’re good to the 17th. We then figured the guy had read his ticket wrong. We never saw him go by but later we saw him parked in a site in the circle above our campsite. Thank heaven that Norm makes sure we have our sites well in advance. One never knows who will come knocking on your front door and it pays to be prepared for anything. End of Rant!

So here’s hoping that all of you had a pleasant Sunday and that you have an excellent week. To all the deer hunters we wish good hunting out there!



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