Excuse Me, I’m Dressed What More Do You Want!


I have always been a bit Vane! However vanity goes by the wayside when the humidity sets in. It destroys your make-up, makes your clothes stick to you like glue and your hair goes as limp as an over cooked noodle no matter how much product you’ve put in it! Welcome to my world.

So what’s a person like me to do? Hum good question.

I’ve cut back on how much make-up I wear each day. Most days it’s mascara and lip gloss or lip stick. Why waste my time on primers and sealers that don’t work for me in this humidity. I love the cooler weather though then I can wear my full make-up and have fun with my colorful eye shadows.

Onto my hair. Well my hair is very straight and that can be a blessing or a pain depending on what I want it to do. So for now I have a basic cut. Some days I wear it straight and some days I try to curl it. Just depends on my mood.

Well in the clothes line less is more. While all of you up the Northern way are layering your shirts with sweaters,vests and jackets I’m in tee shirts and shorts. Oh wait the other day I did get to wear a long sleeved top and leggings which I quickly shed later do to the heat. Sweating is not much fun you know!

So how do I manage to keep me semi presentable. Because you never know when Norm’s going to turn the camera your way so you better be prepared and smile. I go out to our truck storage most days and go through my clothes and decide what I think I will want to wear the following day. I try to pick a couple of outfits and here lately have added an outfit for the cooler weather too. I often misjudge what I am going to need and then I have to go out the next morning and exchange my clothes. The weather here is so fickle that you never really know what to wear.

Don’t even get me started on how many pairs of shoes I wear in a day. That’s a two paragraph rant. Let’s just say a lot okay.

Jewelry can be the same way too. I think I have it figured out for the day and then I discover it does’t go with what I am wearing so back to my jewelry box I go.

I do eventually get it all sorted out and think okay I’m all set for the day and that’s when Norm says hey Phyllis let’s do this today and I realize I am not dressed right for that. So here we go again.

Oh well, that’s my life and I wouldn’t change a thing.




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