IMG_2696As we’ve said so many times  we are planners. So as planners it’s frustrating and stressful when you have to redo your trip plans. Mother Nature aka Hurricane Michael has caused us a major shift in our planned trip for the rest of this year and the beginning of next year. Who’s to say this isn’t for the best but we won’t know that till we are in the new parks on our new route.

We found out on Halloween that one of our park reservations was canceled do to the Hurricane that has caused so much devastation in that part of Florida. It didn’t surprise us to much we have been watching the Park’s website for updates everyday and we were given a 17 day notice so that helped a lot. Norm’s biggest concern though was the other 2 parks in the same area that we had planned to stay at in January 2019. There was no sure way of knowing if they would be open so we decided to canceled them and Norm made reservations for 2 new parks in Georgia. So we will move out of Florida in January instead of February. That means we will be exploring Georgia for 4 months.

The other park we reserved here in Florida is a KOA park and we have never camped in their campgrounds before so this is another first for us. This campground is closer to both of our girl’s homes and so we don’t have to rent a hotel for a couple of nights. We can just drive there and back each day. It’s only about 2 hours one way so 4 hours round trip. That’s a lot better than 6 1/2 hours one way and hotel costs too! So it’s a win win for us and the Lily.

The Lord does work in mysterious ways and I figure there is a good reason we need to move out of Florida early. Here is hoping the rest of our trip goes according to plan.

Happy Thanksgiving.



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