2018 has seen a lot of Life changes for Norm and myself. They have been some really good changes too. However when you have to fill out the papers for Social Security and Medicare you begin to realize just how fleeting life is! So you need to live each and every day to the fullest.

When you’re young say in your teens or early twenties you firmly believe you are invincible and that you will never get “OLD”! Then your thirties and forties come along and your life is  perking along just fine and you say to yourself I Got This! Then comes the fifties and you begin to slow down a little. Subtle change occur and you notice them but hope they will go away. Then all of a sudden, or so it seems, you’re sixty and looking at retirement, Social Security and Medicare of all things. Where has the time gone, you ask yourself. Now you feel like you are on a run away train with no brakes and no engineer and life is just flashing by!

Okay time to take a breath! Whew!

Yes life changes are scary and frustrating. Some of your friends are no longer here. Sadness and pain are more common now or maybe we just have the time to notice them. Either way we find ways to go on and enjoy this time in our lives. We no longer are going to work having to be there most of our days and even a lot of our nights. That’s a good thing we can enjoy a sunrise or sleep in it’s our choice. We can see the moon come up or watch a late movie no hurry to get up tomorrow. We can travel or do nothing but sit on the front porch and rock the day away. The choices are endless!

So as we coast on through our sixties and into our seventies I can cheer for being retired! I am so happy to be with the one I love doing the things we dreamed of so many years ago while sitting around our campfire drinking coffee while our children and our dog slept in our tent a few feet away.

I wouldn’t trade all these memories for all the gold in the world for they are priceless and precious to me.



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