Plans, What Plans?


Well plans do go off track a lot it seems. You think you’re set and then something happens and your whole day changes. Sometimes it’s for the better and other times not.

I should have realized that our plans may not go the way we wanted when Friday night the shower stall door came off it’s track. The kicker to that one is I was in the shower and couldn’t get out. So of course I yelled for assistance from Norm who had a good laugh at my expense! I did get out of the shower when he quit laughing and put the door back on it’s track.

Saturday, moving day, and we are ahead of schedule and so excited that we were going to leave early, or so we thought. Were we ever wrong! When we went to bring in our

Kitchen slide out it wouldn’t come in all the way or it was coming in good at the top but not all the way at the bottom. So we struggled with that for awhile and Norm then made some phone calls and we got the name and number of a  local service. Todd’s Reliable Mobile RV Repair. So while we waited on Todd we shared coffee with our neighbors Betty whose is 84 and her daughter Sharon. Lovely ladies and fun to talk to. Of course when Todd showed up we became the entertainment of the park’s campers. Some even stopped by. The slide out not closing or opening right has been one of our fears since we purchased our Kodiak. We found out that many other RVers share our fears about their slides too.

Todd is very knowledgeable about RVs and was able to get our slide in so we could leave the park and come here. We are grateful for that. He told us we need to have someone come out and repair it. So Norm called a company and we are waiting to hear from them.

After dumping our tanks we left the park at about 12:50 p.m. and headed to Gold Head S.P. On the way we met drivers who need to go back to driving school! We did arrive safely. I am very grateful for that. I said a lot of prayers including please let the slide open when we set up. It did but it’s not out right. I am waiting to decorate till this is fixed just in case we have to take it into a shop.

So our day did not go according to our plan but that’s okay. The Lord took care of us so I am smiling!

At camp there is a massive group of people camping and there are a lot of kids. So glad they are out and having a fun time.

Hope you have a great Sunday.





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