Moving Day


I love the thought of Moving Day but there is a lot of work that is required  to make it easy and fun!

Norm and I each have our own areas that we are responsible for to get the Kodiak packed and ready to go. His is outside all though I help load the bikes and fold the carpet. Inside is my area and he does help with the storage of chairs and putting away the fans.

We try to do as much as possible on Friday and then on Saturday we only have the things that go in the bedroom to put away and of course the coffee pot. Hey a thermos of hot coffee goes a long way in making me a happy traveler!

Once we are packed and the slides and awning are in we hitch the Kodiak to the Ford and do the odds and ends of getting it ready to travel, taking up the chucks and checking the lights. Then off to the dump station to dump our waste tanks. Once that is done we are ready to move on. Oh don’t forget to dump off your trash at the dumpster.

Now we check out and wave good-by as we head to our next destination excited to be traveling again.

It’s not the destination but the journey that keeps us moving onward. We love the sights we see and conversations that we have along the way. Makes us smile and the big truck that makes pulling our Kodiak so much easier makes Norm a very happy Camper.

Here’s hoping we meet you along the way. Safe travels to everyone.

Happy Camping!


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