Ice Cream and Campsites

20181025_145232Today we biked down to the Parks General Store where we found Magnum ice cream! Yum! Yum!

We sat at one of the tables outside and consume that ice cream as we used the park’s WiFi. We also managed to do some people watching too.

On the way back I thought about making ice cream in my new ice cream freezer. The jokes on me it has to go in the freezer over night. Ha! Ha! My freezer is so small that there was no room for it. I had bought the stuff to make ice cream and have hopes of being able to do it before grocery day rolls around again. We will see. It’s a goal of mine to be able to make my own ice cream. It’s good to have goals!

After our ice cream run and my freezer issue we sat outside and watched the new campers try and find their campsites. This can be very confusing because of the camp grounds lay out. Think of a bowl of spaghetti turned upside down and where ever a noodle landed that’s where they put a campsite! There’s 140 plus  of these campsites. Yes that’s a lot and they aren’t easy to find even using a map! It is an interesting way to spend the afternoon. We enjoy sitting outside people watching along with just relaxing. There is a squirrel that comes to visit every day and once we had a cat visit. The deer will wait till the camp is almost empty before they come out to feed.

Today is trash pick up I can hear the truck now. So I guess I had better get breakfast started waffles and sausages. Hope every one has a pleasant day.






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