Crafting RV Style


I will say that crafting in our Kodiak is a challenge.

Knitting with Lily on my lap is a test of my patience and hers too. She gives me that look. You know the one that says how dare you disturb me! Oh well she’ll just have to learn to deal with it.

Most of my craft supplies are out in the truck storage. So of course when I decide to knit it’s late in the evening the pattern and the yarn are out there. Nope! It can wait till morning. Then I do some other craft I have inside usually it’s cross stitch.

Yes crafting is a challenge here but I love doing it and I will just  plan ahead and get everything I need before we come in for the evening.

So along with clothes and shoes crafting supplies has been added to my list of what I need to get out of our truck storage each evening.  I am very grateful we have the truck storage so I can carry my craft supplies with me.




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