Baking On the Road


I love to bake!

Well baking has become a test of my organizing skills more than I ever imagined it could. Where I store everything from the mixer, pans and the ingredients can cause mass confusion when you are trying to bake. They aren’t stored together. There isn’t a cabinet that I can just put my baking supplies in. I was use to having a baking cabinet at the house.That said my baking this past week was hectic to say the least! I found myself all over the Kodiak during the mixing process trying to remember where I had stored everything. So I have now decided that I will get everything together the day before I bake, problem solved. Then baking day should be fun and easy not stressful! Wish me luck!

No matter how much I complain I love to bake and cook! I also love living in our Kodiak and seeing all the wonders Mother Nature has in store for us.

However I prefer to see them sitting outside with a cup of coffee and a slice of pie. So enjoyable!


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