Puppy Power!!!


The love of dogs has brought us to meet some of the neatest people! Take for instance the 3 lovely ladies across the road. We went over to ask what the little white dog was and that started a hour long conversation about everything. Norm brought Lily over and she made friends with the ladies and their dogs.

Some of the conversations were about our children and grandchildren and some about camping. The one lady loves to craft and that was  fun to talk about. We like a lot of the same things. She loves the Tiny Houses and wants one, hope she gets to full fill her dream. They are from Florida and are widowed. They reminded me of Kathy and her friend who go out camping together. Both of them have Class C’s. They go out for 2 months a year and then the rest of the time they camp in Florida.

The others we’ve met have been volunteers at a couple of the camps we’ve been at. It was just enjoyable to sit and talk to them. Most have dogs or just love animals and that is always a plus!

We know that along the way we will meet a lot more awesome people and some that aren’t but that’s okay. We look forward to all the adventures our Nomad Lifestyle will give us as we Journey On!



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