RV Mishaps


Some days do you feel like the world is just against you? That it’s place a large bulls eye on you back, taken aim and fired hitting it perfectly in the center! Those days are rough and seem to go on forever. It doesn’t matter if your in a house, RV, or apartment either when one of these days occur.

So yesterday was one of those days for us. From a faucet on that filled our grey tank to full,the PS4 coming off it’s shelf when the shelf broke, to Norm’s favorite PS3 controller getting crunched when we opened the slide out, and the tray on the back of the Kodiak’s bar bending while in route.Things happen! Frustrations arise! Some of this was caused by the speed bumps we went over. There were a lot of them! Then all of this was compounded by a hard to get into site and people driving up behind you that can see what you are doing but keep pulling forward till you have to tell them to stop so you can maneuver your RV into the site! Where has the Common Sense Gone? I see less and less common sense used these days. It’s scary to think that we are loosing that ability! Well after 4 tries we were in the site! Yeah teamwork!!!!!!

This park is a sea of RVs and tents! People camping as far as the eye can see! A very family orientated Camp ground. People need places like this. A place to meet, kick back and recharge their batteries.

Happy Camping!


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