The hunt for a Post Office is real!

I mean you do have to track it down! Thank heavens for Google. Some of the post offices are easy to get to while others are a major pain in the you know what to find. We’ve had both and expect to have more of this in our future.

The parks are usually really nice and let you mail things there as long as they are addressed and have stamps on them. However there are things you need to drop off at the local post office yourself.

I enjoy sending letters and cards. I miss being able to do more of this.  Times have changed and more and more people are using digital. Well almost everyone.

I also discovered there are only a few places you can buy stamps. So I try to keep at least a book of them on hand. Especially with the holidays and birthdays coming up. I do enjoy sending cards though my list has shortened over the years.

Times change and that is usually a good thing. However I believe that somethings should not be forgotten and one of those things is sending a card to someone. That card may make their day and let them know that someone is thinking of them. That someone cares. That can mean the world to a lot of people.

So take a little time today and think about what it would be like to be alone, no computer and only a house phone(no texting) to use. You can’t Google or do any of the things we think is so important. To that person a card, a letter, or a phone call is priceless! I am grateful we still have the mail service and I can still correspond by mail. Okay rants over.

Hope everyone has a pleasant day.


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