Errand Day


I’m sure everyone has an errand day. Ours was yesterday. It was a very beautiful hot and humid day here in Florida!

So off we go to do our errands. Yes I had a list of them. First was the post office to mail some cards and our  ballets (they have to be there before Nov.6th). Then the bank to exchange all our silver coins for quarters to do the laundry at our next camp. Then we went and filled up the truck. Okay our have to errands are done. There is a market I saw that I really wanted to go to and we decided to do that while we were out. It’s called Earth Fare. It’s a health food market and they even have a small cafe inside too. they offer a lot of goods from fresh fruits and veggies to deli and bakery goods plus canned goods and bulk items you can package yourself. Some of these are grains, flours and nuts to name a few. They also have a wine and beer section so Norm and I did not come home empty handed. I also bought some swiss chard that I plan to make for dinner tonight.

Errands over we headed home and as we drove, a different road we started talking about how “new” everything looked. All the buildings and houses seem so sparkling! You know that shinny new penny look! Norm did some research and found out that this is a Master Plan Community. It is not that old either. He did a post on it today. So now we know why it looks so sparkly.

Back at camp we remembered my medication should have been refilled by now and we were right there. We even talked about did we need anything from Walmart and agreed we didn’t.

Oh well here we go again! So today a short trip to Walmart and then home to relax and maybe even be able to sit outside for awhile. That would be so nice.

A lazy afternoon!


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