A Normal Day


Just what is a normal day?

I ask myself that very question the other day.  Over the years I have often wondered how my normal days compare to other people’s. I realize that every person in the world has a different normal day and that a lot of that depends on the circumstances surrounding you. So there are a lot of ways to have a “normal day.”

Our “normal day” begins when Lily decides she’s hungry and we’ve had enough sleep. That’s usually between 6 and 6:30 am. Depends on her mood. Once in awhile she sleeps till 7. So up and at-um! Norm takes care of Lily and makes the coffee. I get up and try to call my 96 year old mom by 6:20 am. That’s my time to call and she worries if I am a few minutes late. Oh that is 5:20 her time. She’s an early riser. Norm has his routines too. Usually by 7 am he’s on his lap top. After my call it’s devotions and exercises. Some days it’s writing in my journal or blogging. Then taking Lily for her first walk of the day. Breakfast, dishes and then what ever we have decided to do today. Some days it’s a hike, a bike ride, staying at camp and doing whatever we want or chores. Other days we have places to go for fun things to do or DR. visits etc. After this we walk Lily and have lunch. The afternoons are usually free. Time for us to just relax. Sometimes we are outside weather permitting and sometimes we are indoors. Then we walk Lily again and make dinner. Then showers and watch a DVD or U-Tube for awhile then it’s bed time so we can get up and do it all again tomorrow.

That’s if it’s going to be a “Normal Day”!!!!!




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